Litton Das: Bangladesh’s Test Experience Gives Them an Edge Against Afghanistan

Rashid Khan was resting. Thus, neither of the captains downplayed the impact of his absence. Litton Das will be playing against Afghanistan.

Litton Das

According to Litton Das, Red-ball cricket makes it challenging to evaluate Afghanistan

Litton Das and Hashmatullah Shahidi: Captains Ready to Lead Their Teams to Victory

In the one-off Test beginning on Wednesday in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s skipper Litton Das feels his team would have an advantage against Afghanistan due to their experience. Shakib Al Hasan, the regular captain, is missing with a finger injury, so Litton Das is filling in. Hashmatullah Shahidi, his opponent, was appointed two years ago and is also making his captaincy debut.

The second commonality between the two commanders is the absence of the most outstanding bowler from their respective attacks. Rashid Khan was benched by the Afghanistan Cricket Board “to prioritise his long-term fitness” while Shakib is away for a few weeks due to injury. Even though Rashid grabbed 11 wickets in the lone Test played between the two teams four years ago, Litton downplayed his absence. He claimed that Bangladesh would remain ahead of the visitors because of their maturity in Test matches.

With Rashid on their squad, Litton Das declared, “We will treat them with the same respect we would have.” “Our most recent Test was in April, followed by a white-ball series. We have an advantage over them since we play more Tests than they do. In this manner, it provides us with a higher degree of maturity. We don’t know anything about them. It is challenging to evaluate them in Tests because they participate in several ODIs and T20s. We have a strategy in mind, and if we can implement it, we’ll succeed.

Although Rashid would be missed, the Afghanistan skipper Hashmatullah Shahidi remarked that the team has options to cover for his absence in the speed and spin categories. He claimed that Izharulhaq Naveed, a legspinner who excelled in the Big Bash League last year, may move up.

It won’t be easy. Rashid is one of our team’s key bowlers, as is widely known. He performed admirably in previous Test matches. Wrist spinners are still possible, and they will work nicely, insha’Allah.

Izharulhaq played competent cricket. In the Big Bash, he took part. Cricket in 20 overs is unique. He performed admirably in youth cricket in the past, and as a result, he will be one of Afghanistan’s top stars in the future.

“I believe Rashid and Shakib are both rested. We have excellent players and good players, as well as other choices, to help us win the game, and that would be the purpose, added Shahidi.

He was also sure that Afghanistan possessed the quickness and firepower to capitalise on any pitch that Mirpur may throw. “I believe we saw the pitch today, and they made it green, and that’s fine for us because we have good seamers, and we have good spinning options as well. So we will be thinking of our own strength and what we have and what to work and we are ready for everything,” said Shahidi.

Litton Das

After playing on furious turners here for most of its history, Litton responded to the argument by declaring that they wanted to push themselves in Mirpur on a green track. “Mirpur’s wicket has been turning for the majority of the time. On a grassy pitch, we want to test ourselves. We want to try our ability to remain here and play a long game. The desire to play on an even wicket is very acceptable.

Additionally, we have a strong pace of assault. Five bowlers would also be required on such a pitch. I instead prefer this, remarked Litton.

He will serve as Bangladesh’s 12th Test captain despite being a temporary replacement. According to Litton, he has been a wicketkeeper for a considerable time. Litton scored 800 runs in Tests last year, becoming just the third Bangladeshi in a year. His conversion rate, though, continues to raise some questions.

“Since I have been working in this industry for a while, there is not much of a challenge. I’ll have to handle field operations. ‘Captain’ has been put after my name. It’s crucial that I maintain my focus when it comes to my batting. It improves your ability to read the game. I want to play a huge innings when I’m in that frame of mind,” he remarked.

Shahidi must rely on memory and recent white-ball form for Afghanistan’s batting. We have reliable batsmen in our team. They previously had success. Ibrahim Zadran is another player who has lately displayed strong ODI cricket. Rahmat Shah’s health is good. In the most recent Test against Zimbabwe, I scored 200 runs. We also have other talented batters, and I am confident they will perform admirably for us as we continue to advance in the batting area daily and game by game. Get the latest cricket updates here at IPLWin India.

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